4 Instances When You Need Appliance Repair Services

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4 Instances When You Need Appliance Repair Services

17 December 2021
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It is hard to imagine life without modern appliances like a microwave or dryer. Only when these appliances become faulty do you realize their crucial role. Most appliances will run perfectly until the end of their lifespan, especially if they don't have moving parts. But appliances do break down, and unlike the appliances of yesterday, it is hard to fix them DIY style. They have smart units that you may end up doing more damage than good trying to tinker with them. So, when do you need to call appliance repair services?

1. When the Microwave Won't Heat Food

Do you want to heat a plate of leftovers, but the microwave won't work?  It is a heating machine that uses radiation to cook, heat, and defrost food. There are several reasons why microwaves stop heating food. 

First, the magnetron, an electrostatic device that produces microwaves, stops working. The fuse could also blow, in which case the microwave won't power up. The microwave's door could also be faulty, or the plate is not rotating.  You need someone who knows thorough repair for appliances to fix these problems. 

2. When the Refrigerator Won't Cool 

The fridge only has the fan as the moving part, but it is also the most complex appliance, and a few things can go wrong. For example, the compressor, located at the bottom of the fridge, could be broken. Also, the thermostat may have burnt out.  You need an appliance repair service to fix these problems.

3. When the Dryer Won't Dry Fabrics

Dryers blow work by a complicated mechanism of hot air and mechanical rotation. A heavily-used dryer can develop several faults. The drum can stop spinning because of worn-out rollers, bearings, axles, and glides. The belts could also be damaged. 

The heating part also becomes faulty, in which case the clothes will not be completely dry. Again, these problems need the intervention of appliance repair services because of the complexity of the moving parts.

4. When the Dishwasher Won't Start or Has a Bad Smell

A dishwasher uses mechanical and chemical action to wash, rinse and sanitize dishes. There are several reasons it may fail to start. For example, the wires connecting to the control panel could have been cut, or the circuit breaker is blown. 

The dishwasher will give off a bad smell when rotting food particles are stuck in the dishwasher. You need an experienced appliance technician to open up the unit and diagnose the problem.

Are you having problematic appliances in your house? Call appliance repair services to diagnose and fix the problems and make your home functional again.