Why Your Refrigerator Quit Making Ice And How To Get It Working Again

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Why Your Refrigerator Quit Making Ice And How To Get It Working Again

18 March 2019
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If you love the ice dispenser on your refrigerator, you'll probably be distraught if the appliance suddenly stops making ice. While that might not be an alarming emergency, it might signal a problem with low temperature in your freezer that needs to be addressed. At the very least, you'll be inconvenienced when you don't have an available source of ice. Here are some reasons your refrigerator might stop making ice.

The Freezer Temperature Is Low

If the temperature in your freezer is low, you may notice the foods aren't as solid as they should be, but if the drop isn't too severe, it may only affect ice and not the rest of your food. Try to adjust the temperature, and if that doesn't help, clean the coils if they seem dirty. A freezer that won't hold its temperature is a bad sign, so you'll want to have repairs done before the temperature gets too high and affects the food stored in the freezer.

The Door Switch Is Bad

The ice dispenser should only work when the door is closed. When the door opens, the switch activates and keeps water and ice from working. When the switch goes bad it might affect the ice maker as well as the light and fan in the refrigerator. The fix for this problem is to have the switch replaced.

The Water Supply Line Is Clogged

You can check the condition of the line yourself if you can pull the refrigerator away from the wall. If you see kinks or clogs in the line, try cleaning the line out to see if that helps the problem. Also, make sure the water valve is open all the way. However, before you remove the line to clean it, turn off the water supply or water will spill on the floor. Clogs can also form in the filter, so try changing it to see if the ice maker starts functioning again.

Problems With Electronic Parts

An ice maker seems like a simple thing, but there are several components that control its behavior and any one of them can fail. The freezer could have an electrical issue or problems with the control board. There might even be mechanical issues with the ice maker itself. You'll probably need to call in a refrigerator repair service to get your ice maker working again. Diagnosing the problem may require taking components apart and testing electrical flow, and that is probably beyond what you can safely do if you aren't an appliance repair professional.

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