How to Take the Cabinet Off of a Kenmore Washing Machine

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How to Take the Cabinet Off of a Kenmore Washing Machine

29 December 2016
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Many repair jobs on household appliances require that you know how to take the appliance apart and put it back together again. A major appliance that will require repairs over time is your washing machine. If you are going to try to fix it by yourself, you are going to need to know how to take the housing or cabinet off of it to get to the internal parts. Here is how you can take the cabinet off of Kenmore washing machine so you can get to the internal parts.

Removing the Control Panel

There are two Phillips head screws that hold the base of the control panel to the top of the washer that you have to remove. In Kenmore washers, the screws are usually located at the base of the control panel. You'll have to remove the plastic caps at the ends of the control panel to expose them. The caps pull right off of the machine. If the screws aren't in the front, then they are behind the washing machine at the base of the control panel.

There are certain models that use clips (if you don't find screws, you know the machine uses clips). Open the lid to the washing machine and push the drum to one side. Reach into the machine and feel for the clip at the back on the inside of the washer. Push the clips in and pull up on them. There is a clip on both sides of the washer.

After the screws or clips are removed, you can lift up the control panel and fold it back over to expose the electrical connector. Remove the connector.

Remove Cabinet Mounting Clips

The mounting clips connect the cabinet to the frame of the washing machine. Stick a screwdriver into the front of the clip and pop it up. Remove the clip.

Remove Cabinet

Reopen the lid and grab the cabinet along the inside edge. Tilt the cabinet forward to release it from the tabs at the bottom of the cabinet and the front of the frame. Remove the cabinet and set aside.

All the internal parts and the drum will now be exposed and easily accessible. From here, you will be able to replace any part.

Putting It Back Together

When you have fixed or replaced a part, you will put the cabinet back on by setting the bottom front edge back into the tabs and gently set it in place. Put the clips back in that connect the cabinet to the frame. Reattach the electrical connector and set the control back into position. Screw or clip the control panel to the housing to finish, and you have successfully completed washing machine repair.