3 Reasons To Install A Whole Home Humidifier System

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3 Reasons To Install A Whole Home Humidifier System

28 December 2016
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If the air in your home gets really dry during the winter time, instead of running a humidifier in individual rooms in your home, consider installing a whole-home humidifier system. Here are three reasons why installing a whole-home humidifier system is a smart choice.

#1 It Increases Your Level Of Comfort

Dry air can be really irritating to the human body. When the air is dry, your skin can dry out and flake more, which can be irritating and annoying. You'll have to apply moisture frequently in order to combat the dryness of your skin.

Dry air can also make your eyes feel drier. If your eyes have been really irritated lately and you constantly need to use eye drops, it may be because the air in your home is too dry.

If you have a lot of static electricity in your home, and are constantly getting surprised shocks when you touch different objects in your home, the dry air may be a contributing factor.

Using a whole home humidifier will allow you to keep the humidity levels more consistent throughout the year in your home and will help you fight back against dry skin, dry air and static electricity, making your home a more comfortable place to hang out.

#2 It Can Impact Your Health

Dry air can have many effects on your health. To start with, viruses actually really like to live in areas that are both warm and have low-humidity levels, which most likely perfectly describes your home this time of year. In this type environment makes it more likely that you will catch a virus, especially a respiratory related one. To decrease your chance of catching a virus, you need to increase the humidity in your home.

Additionally, if anyone in your home suffers from either allergies or from asthma, being in a home with a low humidity level can actually aggravate those symptoms. To top it off, low levels of humidity can make one's noise dry and their throat sore, making the side effects of allergies and asthma even worse.

#3 It Can Help Protect Your Home

There are a number of thigs in your home that can be damaged by long-term exposure to dry air. Very dry air can ­be damaging to many parts of your home, such as your wood floors and paint. Dry air can also damage things in your home, such as electronics, musical instruments, artwork and electronic items. Dry air can cause electrostatic build-up, which can damage your electronics. Dry air can remove moisture from wood-based items in your home, such as your wood floors and cabinets, leading them to change size, creating gaps and making them more creak and make more nose.

You can avoid these negative consequences of dry air by installing a whole home humidifier in your home in order to keep the level of moisture up and to also increase your health and comfort levels while protecting your home at the same time.