Five Common Repair Issues With Gas Grills And Smokers

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Five Common Repair Issues With Gas Grills And Smokers

29 December 2016
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Outdoor grills and smokers offer that unique cooked-over-an-open-flame taste as well as a nice break from crockpot and microwave meals. However, like any appliance, grills and smokers are not without their occasional problems. This is especially true if your smoker and grill sit out in the rain, heat, cold, and snow. Below are just a few signs that it's time to call a repair technician.

1. Low flame and/or low temperature. A lower than desired flame is likely the result of a problem with the grill's fuel line regulator, the thin, oval piece at the end of the gas hose. Usually, all it takes to correct this problem is to disconnect the fuel tank, let all of the gas escape from the grill by turning on the burners, and then reconnecting the tank.

2. Grill won't light. If your grill won't ignite and you have a battery ignition system, it's likely a case of needing to replace the batteries. If your system is wired and uses a push-button ignition, you probably need to have the grill's wiring examined by a technician.

3. Gas smell. While natural gas is odorless, most gas companies add a substance to their tanks that smell like rotten eggs so that gas leaks can be detected. If you suspect a gas leak, stop using the grill and conduct a safety check of the tank and fuel line. If you still smell gas, it's time to call for assistance.

4. No heat in one area of the grill. If you have one section of your grill that's not generating any heat, then you likely have a cracked burner. This is often caused by piling too many items on one side of the grill. The good news is that burners are usually covered for a time under your grill's warranty.

5. Corroded or rusted parts. Corrosion and rust are caused by water getting into the grill when it's not in use. These unlikely marks can usually be cleaned off with a wire brush or steel wool. When your grill is clean, invest in a watertight cover...

Keep in mind that most grills and smokers have a lifespan of around five to ten years, with good care and regular maintenance. If you are having trouble with your cooker and you've had it for five years or more, you're probably better off shopping for a new model. This is especially true if you have a cracked drip pan and/or your appliance is heating unevenly.